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5 Modular Kitchen Accessories

Modern homes come with the challenge of small spaces. Functionality combined with stunning interiors is what we at Prime India Properties aim for. Choosing the right accessories for your modular kitchen can not only give it a stylish look but will also make your life easier.  Here are 5 functional modular kitchen accessories that you can incorporate in your kitchen.  1. Tall pantry unit  In the earlier days , there used to be separate pantry to store items that were not used on an everyday basis and to stock up on extra supplies. Since modern kitchens have small spaces, a tall pantry unit with shelves will serve the purpose of storing and stocking.  2. Lift up cabinet doors A lift up cabinet doors for over counter units is a safer alternative then doors that open outward. It will avoid accidentally banging onto the door and will make it easier for you to move around.  3. Pull out baskets and cabinets Pull out drawers and baskets slide easily and all items even at the back can be access

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